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i graduated from uc davis and all i got was this tiny pin

It feels a little weird to not be sitting in my apartment in West Davis, gearing up for the first day of school tomorrow. After 4 years of sitting in science lectures, carving out a home for myself in the art building and sharing the journeys of literally hundreds of people with their hearts set on making a name for themselves (many of whom I’m glad to call friends!), life back home feels so empty. Gotta find my purpose again!

god i hope that job interview pans out

Best of luck to all you new Aggies! College is hard at first, and… well, it never really stops being difficult. But there may never be a better chance for you to try everything you want to; to find yourself, to reinvent yourself, to jump off into the unknown and—even better—find people who’ll be happy to join you on the way down. In my experience, we’re some of the most friendly, encouraging, adventurous, intensely motivated and passionate kids around, and I hope all the fresh blood will continue that tradition.

And of course, obligatory bike safety warning! The seniors outside of Rock Hall?? fuck no son, that’s CHEM 194 will be sure to, uh, remind you.


re: last supper, 2012
ART 111A @ UC Davis (Geiger)
Archival inkjet prints on masonite, wood

My advanced photo class just installed our final project on the art building lawn on Hutchison, right behind the bus stop! It’ll be up for one week, then we’ll take it down on Friday at 4 PM. If you can’t see it in person, check out the high-res!

My group worked on panel 4 (I was responsible for the figures and the area below the table, as well as piecing everyone’s work together for the final panel), exploring digital consumption and how it’s pervaded today’s social interaction. Take a close look at the photomosaic we created the walls and floor from! it’s constructed from candid shots we took around campus, and you might see yourself or someone you know.

so this is what i was up to all quarter

also i’m graduating in a week??

Still one of my favorite Shins songs :) Saw them for the second time at the Mondavi Center tonight, and once again this was the final song during their encore! Absolutely killed it (in the best way possible).

I maintain they should have switched the venues for Bon Iver and The Shins (who watches The Shins sitting down?), but my friend Dani and I made quick work of that restriction by dancing like a bunch of fools in the back aisles :)

it’s motherfuckin’ picnic day

I’m helping out with the food booth for Bayanihan Clinic today! We’re selling turon (banana egg rolls) and cantaloupe juice :D

This is my 5th (!!) Picnic Day; #1 was actually my first time ever visiting Davis and the experience that cemented my decision to become an Aggie. I hope it’s the same for a lot of prospective students today!

bucking the usual trend, I don’t actually drink today haha

hey, out-of-towners: we’re happy you’re here, but for lack of better phrasing, handle your shit and don’t fuck up our campus

an additional perspective

"I feel like you should be encouraging these entering freshmen to explore other post-grad options besides med school…we all know how few of them will actually make it as a science major at UCD and then into med school ;) (this isn’t meant to me snarky—I came in as pre-med and am still a genetics major as a second year, BUT I realized that I’m not actually passionate about practicing medicine or research. I’m now planning to attend law school and focus on medical ethics.) Most people think that the only thing you can do with a science degree is med school, however, there are SO many other options.

To all you entering freshmen:

  1. Good luck.
  2. Keep an open mind.
  3. Be aware that if you hate what you’re studying in college, you won’t magically learn to love it once you have a career in it…
  4. GET EXPERIENCE EARLY. Start finding internships and such immediately. (This is SO easy at Davis…if you’re a good networker.) If you hate working in research as an undergrad…you will probably hate it if it were to become your job.

This is just my two cents from my experience! Also: Davis ROCKS!”

She speaks the truth :) Don’t limit yourselves! I used college as a sandbox to figure out what I wanted to do with myself; everyone has their doubts and insecurities and I’m glad I wasn’t alone in this. These 4+ years are the best time, maybe even the last time for you to try everything under the sun because it’s all here in one place. My advice: if it’s even remotely interesting, go for it—more often than not you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and who wants to live with the regret that you never seized that opportunity?

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Anonymous asked: Why did you ignore my question? :(

Hi! I’m sorry you haven’t seen your question answered yet… although I’m not sure which one it is since you guys are all anon haha orz;;

I got kinda backlogged (thank god for lazy Fridays) but I’m working on answering the ones sitting in my askbox right now! Everything I’ve answered so far is listed under the tag "ucd questions" (which you guys can also tumblr savior if you’re tired of seeing my answers).

Another possibility is that tumblr might have eaten your ask, so if I haven’t answered it by tomorrow afternoon feel free to ask again :)

Hope that clears everything up!

Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm a high school senior soon to be attending UC Davis. I was tumblr searching UCD and came by your blog! I just want you to know that I found you so INCREDIBLY relatable. I'm planning on majoring in the biological sciences and minoring in art as well. I think your artworks are fantastic! I'm just a bit nervous about college. I noticed that you mentioned physics was one of the biosci pre-reqs and I wanted to know how that course was like for you. Physics kind of scare me....hahaha

someone like meeeee :D suddenly I feel a little less lonely haha

Thank you, wow, that means a lot to me! “INCREDIBLY relatable” is going on my resumé ;) I’m excited you’re doing an art minor here because it’s a lot of fun and art majors are seriously the best people (most of my friends are in the art department, hi kylie); expect to be drawn to the art building like 2 neodymium magnets towards one another

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the art department, apparently I cannot contain my love :P


Okay, down to business: most bio majors are going to be taking the PHY 7 series (A, B, and sometimes C depending on your particular major; in my opinion it goes from hard -> easy and abstract -> concrete). The way it’s structured, you go to lecture once a week and take a quiz, and you have two 3 hr DLs (discussion/labs) lead by a TA, which is where the meat of the class is. You’ll sit in groups and the TA will explain the concept of the day, usually via in-class demos or hands-on group activities. You’ll also get questions that you need to puzzle out with your group, and then each group will share their answers/explanation with the class on their chalkboard.

After every DL you’re given a sheet of homework problems (FNTs) that are graded mostly on completion/effort and not so much actually being correct; it’s mostly for your own benefit because they chunk large problems into more manageable steps and you’ll go over your work at the beginning of class with your groupmates.

And of course there’s the final :|

I really like physics so I probably enjoyed it more than most; one issue most people have with the class is that the way some concepts are explained (thermodynamics ಠ_ಠ) is not the way it’s typically taught, and some of the equations are, er, nonstandard. If you took AP Physics in high school, expect it to be something like… meeting an acquaintance after 10 years; if you’ve never taken physics, great! No preconceptions :)

There are plenty of people who haven’t taken physics before this class and they do just fine, no prior experience necessary. If it’s the math you’re worried about, there’s nothing more complicated than trig/precal; I’m terrible at math and I remember next to nothing about calculus but I did pretty well regardless! The TAs are really helpful during DL, and there’s also the option of going to office hours if you need the extra help.

Congrats, future Aggie! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm a senior in high school and an aspiring doctor. My intent is to major in biochemistry w/ molecular biology, knowing this will prepare me for medschool with prerecs/MCAT. However, I'm weary that I won't perform too well in Chemistry since I took it junior year and got a mid C in both semesters, I could blame it on a myriad of reasons, but in the end it is my own fault.I want to major in something in the biological sciences college at Davis so should I still major in biochem ?

TBH any of the majors in the College of BioSci will get you ready for med school and the MCAT! All nine majors have similar lower division requirements (gen/o-chem, general bio, physics, calculus, statistics, and the university writing requirement), which incidentally makes it easy for you to switch majors within the college before you start on your upper division courses.

As long as you take the courses needed for you to get into a medical school, you can major in whatever you want to! Increasingly, a lot of schools like to see students from non-typical majors because they’ve got a different mindset from us science majors who’re all about facts and the concrete (this is from someone who works in admissions at UCDSOM; straight from the horse’s mouth!) Pick a major because you enjoy it, not because you think it’s what other people want to see! There’s nothing worse then slogging through classes you hate for 4 years, and it’s difficult to perform well if you’re not invested in the material.

That said, grades are a pretty important factor for med school admissions, so if you don’t think chem/biochem is your strength I probably would choose a different major. The registrar has a list of course requirement for every major; I would check those out to see what classes interest you the most!

UCD’s health advising website has a great article on the entire application process if you need more information, and I recently answered a similar question which might be helpful to you :)

Anonymous asked: If I choose NOT to attend a graduate/medical school after earning a Bachelors degree with a NPB major, what jobs could I get? (I am planning to attend a med. school, but I want to know what happens if it doesn't work out)

That’s a question I’m trying to answer for myself, actually; I’m taking a year off for applications so I need to find something to do in the meantime.

NPB is primarily geared towards people interested in med school: most of the classes and labs are based on some aspect of systemic physiology, and the goal is mostly understanding the concepts /integration with hands-on experience secondary to that.

Ultimately, it depends on your additional experience and skills! Teaching is one option if you enjoy it, but you’ll need to get credentialed. You can also get into research without having to become a grad student; I have a friend (NPB graduate) who became a junior specialist in one of the analytical chemistry labs and she’s basically acting as the lab manager. Actually, I met her as an intern in the lab and I’m hoping that I can use some of my experience to do data analysis somewhere :) Two other friends are working in the health field as an optician and PT aide. If you’re creatively inclined, you could become a medical illustrator, a scientific writer for a publication, design medical equipment, etc. Health advising for a company or organization might be another opportunity.

I guess my point is that although your major can be pretty specialized, there are plenty of ways to apply your knowledge and skill. You shouldn’t ever feel locked into one career path! I came up with these options off the top of my head based on what I enjoy and know how to do, but I’m sure you’ll be able to think of jobs that suit your talents more. Get inventive!

loveisaperfectparadise asked: Hi, for the Davis meal plans, what do you think would be a reasonable meal plan? And is the Aggie Cash actually worth it or should I just use a regular debit card?

120/quarter is a good amount; in my experience it’s good for two meals/day with the addition of other sources of sustenance for variety (eating downtown/at UMall, shopping at Trader Joe’s, etc.); anything above that is overkill. I mostly ate at the DC when I was a freshman and still managed to have leftover swipes every quarter, but of course it’ll vary depending on your eating habits. There used to be a chart that broke down how much you pay per swipe depending on the plan, versus how much a swipe is actually worth, but that was 4 years ago so it’s probably woefully inaccurate by now!

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about Aggie Cash since I’ve never used it, but here’s an opinion from someone who works at Trudy’s in Tercero, and a list of locations that accept it. You can always opt-in later on if you find it convenient!

Edit: I forgot to mention that you also have the option of up/downgrading your meal plans! Also, leftover swipes get converted into AgCash “at the rate of $2.25/swipe” which is kind of a huge ripoff, so I would try to avoid that :)